A Memoir Of LOVE Story

We all try to treasure the moments, those which made us laugh or cry , good or bad !! May the years pass by, days spent, but still some memories never leave us.

Since last few years I am trying to keep a photo journal of our courtship period, marriage and post marriage,but always wanted to write about it, so that I can re-live those days time and again.

We don’t remember days, We remember memories ..

Last week  we were in Columbus and while visiting the very famous Easton Center, I found Barnes and Noble, an idealistic place for book lovers. I was in full swing to buy some more books but suddenly got stuck on Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions which ended my hunt.IMG_3119IMG_3114
For the people like me, who wants to recollect and write but don’t know how, should give it a try !!!  I was basically looking for this, to note down & to cherish our own story as is, every now and then, years after years.

Have you tried something like this?  If not, then this one is for you…now become the author of your own love story !!

Do share your ideas of keeping journal.

Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions

Price- $ 18.00/ Rs. 802.00

Where to Buy- Barnes and Nobles or Amazon 

What to expect- 150 thoughtful questions about your love story ….