Untapped Tours: Get Acquainted With Milwaukee

Home to world famous breweries, Milwaukee is nearly 100 miles from Chicago. To get acquainted with this city brought us to Untapped Tours. We heard about this city tour from TripAdvisor and booked without giving it a second thought.

Why Untapped Tours? 

  • A 3 hours tour is the perfect way to explore Milwaukee with very well informed and engaging tour guide Mike.
  • The tour includes the bus ride through the famous streets, mansions and other landmarks of the city.
  • Except this Cheese tasting and Brewery visit are the highlights of the tour.
  • Take home the Souvenir Pint Glass.

Tickets: City Tour$38 p.p , Ticket Packages-$5o p.p. The Package includes City Tour with the tickets for Harley Davidson Museum(general admission only) by saving $8.

Book it here– Untapped Tours of Milwaukee

Tour Itinerary: 

City Hall- Pabst theater- Bronze Fonz- Wisconsin Gas Light Building-Milwaukee art museum- Mansions along Lake Michigan- North Point Lighthouse- Henry W. Maier Festival Park- Historic Third Ward- Clock Shadow Creamery- Miller Park- Miller Brewery- Tripoli Shrine Centre- Pabst Mansion- Lakefront Brewery.

Facts we came across through this trip:

  1. Milwaukee is home to 4 major breweries, Pabst, Miller, Schlitz &Blatz.
  2. Tripoli Shrine Centre is replica of renowned Taj Mahal.
  3. This city is also home to Harley Davidson.
  4. Summerfest , World’s Largest Music Festival is held every year in Milwaukee.
  5. The Wisconsin Gas Building’s flame is an exceptional way to forecast weather.

Travel Tips:

  • Go for Untapped tour if you want to see the best what Milwaukee has to offer.
  • Or you do not have any idea about Milwaukee and its history.
  • This tour starts from City Hall and one has to reach at least 15 minutes earlier.
  • If you are visiting Milwaukee by car then you can park near City Hall.
  • As this is a 3 hr Bus Tour, so plan accordingly.

Do check out Milwaukee In A Day ! for more information.

Untapped tour turned out as an incredible journey through the iconic landmarks of the city. Have you ever came across such a tour?


A Cheesy Affair With Chicago Style Pizza !!

We are die-hard food lovers, especially when it comes to the signature dishes,we never miss any opportunity to try out. Nothing hidden about our fondness for food, one can find our journey on Instagram.

After exploring Chicago we tried our hands on Chicago’s signature dishes and came across “Chicago Style Pizza”.

Chicago Style Pizza : Well known as pizzas paradise, Chicago style pizza acclaims two most popular pizza styles, deep dish and stuffed. Both are made pie style with large amount of cheese and tomato sauce, delighting both eyes as well as taste buds. While Lou Malnati is esteemed for deep dish pizza, Giordano’s has been hailed for its stuffed ones, deeper than the deep dish ones.

STUFFED PIZZA: Our fondness for pizza took us Giordano’s ,before visiting there we ordered in advance as it takes 40 minutes to get it prepared.


After few minutes we got served with the most acclaimed Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza, and we got our answer why it’s a big deal in Chicago. The thick buttery crust with layers of mozzarella cheese, add on toppings, covered on top with a thin layer of dough & tomato sauce make this dish outstanding. 8a786196fc90affa0d4208559cf77f49_1444181327

DEEP DISH: After Giordano’s episode it was Lou Malnati’s turn, well known for it’s traditional deep dish pizza. Talking about Lou Malnati’s pizza, we got it after waiting for an hour as its Chicago’s favorite and always full specially over the weekends. Crispy crust with layers of cheese and ingredients you choose topped with tomato sauce. IMG_1062IMG_1061

Dear vegetarian don’t be disheartened , both places offers veggie ingredients to choose from.

Disclaimer:  After having Chicago style pizza you may feel guilty, which is absolutely normal.


  1. Order pizza before arriving as it takes 40-45 minutes.
  2. Also try Uno’s & Gino’s east pizza.


Photos: Dane County Farmers’ Market, Madison




Our First Winery Experience At Shady Creek Winery.

We have heard and seen a lot about wineries near Chicago, to visit one was always in our bucket list.

We finally got the chance to visit one of the famous Wineries of Michigan City, IN “Shady Creek Winery”. A place just 1.5 hrs drive from Chicago, this is nicely located in suburbs. The driveway from the highway till the winery is a peaceful one through the woods.o (6)

Reaching here we were quite excited with the thought that a lot of people had came to have some good time over a glass of wine. As we entered the pathway to the main building, live music made us more excited to get in.

o (5)o (3)o (4)

The people of winery were great with their hospitality, they made us feel like we are in our neighborhood.As we were confused which wine to try out of the long list they had, Jenny described the wines and helped us to go for 5 for 5$ tasting

We took the sampling as a starter and had a fun time enjoying various wines from Chardonel, Red Horizon, Traminette, Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 to Moonlight Radiance. We were offered crackers as well to ease out taste buds.

Chardonnel: A dry wine that is refreshing with hints of apple & pears.
Red horizon: A smooth,semi sweet red wine, has aromas that come from fruits of cherry and blackberry.
Traminette: An official state wine of Indiana (that’s why we opted to taste this wine), white wine which is semi sweet in taste.
Moonlight Radiance: With flavors of dark chocolate, yes that’s right dark chocolate with the hint of raspberry.

After the sampling as we had ourselves started, we took a glass each of wine, Rip Tide R.D.R (Rescued Dog Red) and went outside to enjoy it with assorted cheese platter.

o (1)o

We will be surely be visiting a lot of wineries in our lifetime,but as they say “First will always go down the memory lane” and it was worth to be enjoyed and to be remembered.

Do not forget to grab some good wines from Shady Creek as we did..


If you are near Chicago and planning to visit any winery,then this is a perfect place for you.For more information,visit the website  www.shadycreekwinery.com