Restaurant Review: Just Like Mom’s As They Say !!!

We are back with another restaurant review of very famous breakfast joint Blueberry Hill Breakfast Cafe ,a family restaurant,located on Butterfield Rd, Oak Brook.It’s one of the best breakfast chain in Chicago suburbs offering delicious homemade food at various locations..

We have visited here couple of times and began to fall for their scramblers. Along with delivering appetizing food, they have really classy interior with enough space for seating..



What’s in the menu?

Traditional breakfast which includes Sandwiches,pancakes,french toast, waffles,wraps,scramblers,omelettes etc etc. In beverages they have fresh juices,hot/cold coffee(my fav. bottomless),latte etc..

What we had?

Chunky Monkey Waffle– When I ordered this waffle, i didn’t expected it to be so good. The waffle baked with pecans topped with banana,chocolate syrup,coated with powdered sugar and pecans… Truly inviting and mouthwatering !!


Texas Style French Toast – The regular french toast with the pinch of cinnamon was just average in taste. We ordered it by its unique name but it came out as a regular one.Nothing special about it…


Butcher Shop Scrambler- Meat Lovers..!!!! This one is for you…ham,sausage,bacon with eggs deliciously served with potatoes and toast/pancake.This shouldn’t be missed if you are visiting Blueberry Hill cafe.It’s on our favorite list now.


Green Eggs and Ham- Rightly marked as Blueberry signature dish,this brings freshness of pesto and spinach with scrambled eggs. Personally, I am not a spinach fan specially the cooked one and choose to avoid them most of the time but this one came as an exception..And finally I am in love with this Green Egg scrambler ..!!!


Ace of Club Sandwich- Deli style turkey & roast beef, topped with bacon, is served on white toast along with American & Swiss cheese, tomatoes,lettuce and Hellmann’s mayonnaise. A sandwich with these ingredients was like burst of flavors in my mouth. I was sure it cannot go wrong in taste at all..


Overall, as per our experience, this restaurant has always met our expectations.

My rating for Blueberry Hill Cafe:

Location- 4.5/5




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Restaurant Review: Harvest Pancake House “Gem of Westmont”

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The Harvest Pancake House  has been our favorite destination for breakfast and brunch from past 4 months specially over the weekend. It was just a coincidence when we got to know about this place and since then we became habitual to this place.


Located on West 63rd Street,Westmont, this place is mostly crowded on weekends and weekdays don’t differ a lot.It is a family restaurant with ample seating space specialized in traditional American breakfast and lunch whether it’s pancakes, waffles, scramblers or sandwiches.

Lets start with the Menu which is quite big and everything there is worth a try. We have tried our level best to taste almost everything on the menu(except salads and soups) and would like to share what should not be missed..

Waffles: We are a big fan of waffles from Harvest,crispy base topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream is always the best thing to start my weekend.
As I haven’t tasted waffles earlier, my love for waffle started from Harvest only. For toppings there is a lot to choose from like strawberries, blueberries, banana, pecans, chocolate chips etc.

Crepes: Personally, I am not a crepe person, but I have tried couple of them like Tutti Frutti Crepe and Banana crepe filled with Nutella topped with whipped cream. Indeed a great choice for kids !IMG_4553

Pancakes : Next on the menu are pancakes, you can either opt for Oven baked or the regular ones. Our choice is the regular one served with topping and whipped cream. They provide it as per your cravings, Short stack has 3 while full stack has 4 pancakes. As I have mentioned earlier, same toppings as for waffles are available for pancakes too. They are very soft and melt in the mouth when poured with maple syrup8c207c6f928c018b27c2e5f44258a24b_1438548912

French Toast: No breakfast is complete without French Toast !! Go for either Classic French toast or the Stuffed French toast (filled with cream cheese) both are good option to start your morning. I would recommend the stuffed one..crisp from outside and creamy cheese inside topped with fruits and whipped cream makes you drool over it.bd34aa37a1c2b0fd4d24a88e0455ccde_1442877872

Wraps, Sandwiches and Burgers: Not only the sweet but there is a lot to choose from in the wraps, sandwich and burgers, served with fries, potatoes and soup (which we always exclude as we are not soup lovers on breakfast).

I personally love Cheeseburger for its juicy patty which goes really good with a fresh bun and Chicken Malibu for its big tender chicken piece topped with crisp bacon and cheese. From wrap section, Santa Barbara wrap with chicken strips and freshness of tomatoes and lettuce is my personal favorite. Must try Chicken Melt,Buffalo Ranch Wrap & Chicken Philly.

Eggs, Scrambler or Omelette: Eggs are always a great breakfast choice and here you can opt from scrambler, omelette, skillet or make up your own.

We love Cowboy Scrambler (heavenly for meat lovers) as it has all the goodness of ham, sausage and bacon along with eggs and it comes with potatoes to make it more desirable.

Also the Country Skillet is worthy enough, as it has everything just like cowboy scrambler and comes with potatoes and toast as an additional follow ups.

Cowboy Scrambler

Apart from this,there are also Salads and Benedicts to choose from and well in beverages you can go for fresh orange juice, iced teas, hot tea or like us go for bottomless coffee regular/decaf.

Staff and service:   I must say we never ever had a bad day here. I would like to mention the warm welcome we get every time we visit and people do remember us ask for and greet and treat very well. Especially the owners are very kind and the lady recognized us since our second visit.

Timings:   Mon-Sun:6:00 am-3:00 pm

  • If you are living in Westmont and had never been to this place then it’s time to try it out.
  •  Health conscious people don’t get disappointed,as they have Gluten free meal too !!

Here goes my rating for this restaurant :





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Restaurant Review: A Fabulous find !! Honey Jam Cafe…

Saturdays are generally a day to relax and have brunch and well Chicago suburbs do have a lot of breakfast joints to offer. But for some reason we had restricted ourselves to one from past many months till last week, when we got to know about this place from Zomato and couldn’t resist ourselves.

Honey Jam Cafe, its a perfect place to have breakfast and brunch on weekends as well as on weekdays.IMG_3881IMG_3882

It was 11 am and as we have expected the place was almost full. The ambiance is bit dark, but space wise they have ample seating space.

They took roughly 5 minutes to get us seated and after that we ordered 2 coffee(bottomless), they do have other options to choose from like fresh fruit juice,soda,lemonade etc. but we have a preference of coffee over others always. As most of other breakfast joints this one also has a lot to offer and the menu is quite extensive.

They offer a wide variety of pancakes, waffles, crepes, french toast, benedicts, omelettes, skillets, fritatas, burgers and sandwiches etc. So,we did what we always do, choose the specialty/signature dishes of the restaurant and taste the best they have.

We ordered San Francisco Chicken melt, Monkey Waffle & Red Velvet french toast with cream cheese,strawberry & chocolate sauce.

Monkey Waffle was a pure blend of sweetness with freshness of fruits topped with smooth peanut butter sauce. It was as good as it looked, totally mouthwatering !!!!IMG_3875

We have tasted a wide variety of french toasts. But while going through the menu my eyes stopped over this one, Red Velvet french toast, stuffed with cream cheese.. and the fusion of this delight doesn’t ends here !!! It was topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce. The best french toast I had till date.


San Francisco Chicken Melt, a combination of grilled chicken breast with ham, cheddar cheese and tomatoes, serves on grilled wheat and it comes with fries(sides). The chicken was tender,full of flavors & best of all it just melted in my mouth.IMG_3879

Overall, this place has got everything what you can expect from a breakfast joint.The only con was the service which was a bit slow, didn’t liked it. But surely we would like to try out more of their signature dishes on our next visit.

If you are in western Chicago suburbs then surely make a visit to Honey Jam Cafe,Downers Grove, they are also located in Bollingbrook. 

Please feel free to leave your suggestions or recommendations, they are very valuable for us.

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