My First Zomato Meet At The Parthenon,Chicago

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I was writing reviews on Zomato for more than two years in Delhi/NCR and then I continued my foodie journey in Chicago suburbs too.

Last year in October, unexpectedly I got a invite from Zomato for meetup as I was topping the charts on Chicago’s foodie leader-board. At first I was astonished as attending Zomato meet in Chicago was beyond my imagination.

As I reached the event at The Parthenon, both my excitement and nervousness were at the top, but within couple of minutes it was just we foodies and bloggers sharing our thoughts and experiences. I was filled with wonder that most of them were Indian food admirer.

Why The Parthenon?

Located on S Halsted St,Chicago this place is highly acclaimed for authentic Greek food. In 1968 Parthenon introduced the exclusive dish Saganaki, a flaming cheese appetizer served on a small frying pan. Apart from this, Parthenon made Gyros popular among Chicagoans.


Let’s talk food:  As they say, In Parthenon you Dine Like Gods and yes we did, a five course meal !


We got Spanakopitas(mini spinach and feta cheese pies), Broiled Octopus, Skordalia(thick puree of potatoes with garlic) and my favorite Saganaki(flaming cheese) in appetizers. Spanakopitas were very rich & tasteful, broiled octopus was fully flavoured with herbs and lemon, on the other hand Skordalia had the strong flavour of garlic but the star of the night was Saganaki with the shout of “Opa”Check out the video here.o (5)o (6)o (4)o (7)


For soup I chose Egg and Lemon soup, as it didn’t sounded familiar among those which I have tasted. It was a classic treat, with rice and lemon essence. I am not at all a soup lover but I can go for it again. o (8)


After the heavenly appetizers and soup I was almost full and there were three course still waiting for me. The salad I opted for was Greek, full of freshness & seasonings topped with olives & feta cheese, it was sure a hit.o (9)

Main Course

From the day I attended this meet, I am a Gyro lover. Gyro is made of lamb or beef on vertical rotisserie, served as shaved meat on pita bread with Tzatziki sauce, a Greek dip made of thick or strained yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt & olive oil. It was my very first experience with Gyro and indeed it was appetizing. o (11)


No meal is complete without a dessert and we wrapped up the meet with Baklava, a layered filo pastry filled with nuts and held together with honey. The Baklava was outstanding, aromatic & fully flavored. It tasted equally well as it looks.o (12)

Overall, my first Zomato meet was overwhelming, more than what I expected out of it. Thanks to all fellow foodies and The Parthenon who made this event unforgettable.

Restaurant Review: Dining at Sushi House, Westmont !!

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Our second visit to this joint in the recent past shows the love we have for Sushi. I had first sushi experience here only, that’s why this place holds a special place.

Sushi House Westmont, located in Saint James Crossing Shopping Center,is one of the most appreciated joint nearby. This place has an elegant ambiance, with comfortable seating. You can choose either to sit near the sushi bar or enjoy the food in dining room, there is also traditional seating option.

To start with, we got a menu page(long list of various rolls) to fill the quantity of different sushi.

What’s in the MENU?

For appetizer we had Shrimp Shumai, the amazing shrimp dumplings with some sauce(don’t remember the name exactly) and crab cake roll. Both of them were finely cooked with the delicate flavors.

Shrimp Shumai

For sushi we have tasted many of them from menu. California Roll, Caterpillar Roll, Chicago Fire Roll(too good), Volcano Roll, Sake & AlbacoreI was quite afraid of eating a raw fish but it was worth a try, fresh and delectable !!

Fresh Salmon(Sake) & White Tune(Albacore)
o (1)
Chicago Fire Roll
California Roll -A perfect blend of Avocado, Crab-stick, Masago & Cucumber.
Caterpillar Roll- The spicy delight of Shrimp Tempura, Eel, Cucumber & Avocado.
Volcano roll – A baked Sushi with White fish, Salmon, Crab Stick & Mayo.

We loved all the Sushi especially Volcano Roll,California Roll & Chicago Fire Roll.

In Entree, we ordered Dan Dan noodles, a dish with Pork & Scallions fried in Sesame & Peanut sauce served on noodles. The combination of sauce and pork comes out really well but the sad part is it was too greasy for me.IMG_4587

Moving towards the next item, Schzewan Grouper-Grouper fish fillet cooked with Napa Cabbage, the fillet was very tender, finely cooked, altogether with Napa Cabbage and topped with crushed red pepper. Totally Delish !!


Overall, a wonderful place for Sushi beginners. Staff whether it’s the lady who served us or the people behind the bar, all were cordial.

Here goes my rating for this restaurant :





If you have any suggestions or recommendations for Sushi joints in Chicago suburbs, please leave your comment,we will surely consider..

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